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Our Vision

Current traditional methods of determining wound healing is by subjective observation & measurement. 

Identification of a non-healing wound will enable the clinician to make changes to the wound treatment sooner

which will bring the wound to a healing trajectory more rapidly. This technology will have unique application in

remote areas where the caregiver will be able to refer to an algorithm of treatments for non-healing wounds or to

consult a wound care specialist in order to determine the next steps in wound treatment.  

A Point of Care Wound Diagnostic; Patients First
  • Change in practice will impact patients quality of life if wound treatment planning can be managed & modified in real time.
  • Time and efficiency with point-of-care assessment in real time.​
  • Immediate change in wound treatment 
  • Managed care as Clinicians can rapidly change therapy prevent continued unnecessary use of resources.
  • Enable those in remote areas to gain faster access to consultation.
  • Ease of use by designing a compact pocket sized technology.
  • Cost efficacy by changing the trajectory of care in a more timely manner that leads to faster wound healing.
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