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"Having biomarker based diagnostic testing will transform the future by telling us if a wound is not healing. We could then

course our treatment plan. If the wound is healing we gain confidence in our treatment strategy. Having a real time point of care

diagnostic test to predict wound healing progress, would be invaluable to not only my practice but to a broader range of clinicians

in the hospital, home care and clinics. The costs & time savings alone will transform us to make a more accurate selection of wound care products. This will allow us to close the wound faster and reduce morbidity. “


Dr. Perry Mayer, Diabetic Foot Expert, The Mayer Institute, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

“ To say we're enthusiastic about this space and "measuring what we manage" is an understatement."


Excerpt from "The Future of diabetic foot and wound assessment: stick and rudder visual cues or instrument - related? 

"The fact is that despite efforts over the past few years, the bulk of our assessments are visual and empiric in nature.  In many ways, we're like early aviators - strictly piloting our patients by visual flight rules' without the benefit of instruments (Ottati et al, 1999).

I would argue that the stick and rudder method of caring for patients ought to allow for a bit more navigational assistance from instruments."  

"I hope this will allow us to fly through those therapeutic cloud banks where our visibility is limited.  Here's to that next jump in wound navigation."

Dr. David Armstrong, Professor of Surgery and Director, Southwestern Academic Limb Salvage Alliance, Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California, USA.

“ Often at a given set time it is difficult to determine whether a wound is on a healing trajectory, stalled or on it’s way to deterioration. A diagnostic test that provides that information would allow us to determine if a treatment is working or needs to be adjusted is an exciting new approach. Current practice is we have to wait 2-3 weeks to determine if the wound size is decreasing. The area of a wound is not the only determinant if a wound is healing or not, however, for the bedside nurse this is often the only piece of information that they use. A diagnostic tool that tells me the conditions within the wound bed are progressing or lacking progression, it will at that moment allow me to adjust care in a timely fashion. “


Amanda Loney, (ET) Nurses Specialized in Wound, Ostomy and Continence Canada(NSWOCC), Bayshore Home Health

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